Trouble with CueZy and looping mp3 samples?


Running CueZy the 9 pad sampler on iPod Touch 5, I experienced delay problems with samples which I had set to loop. Also some samples only partially loaded. The samples I was using were mp3.

At first I thought this might be the out of date processor of the Touch not being able to cope so I tried lower and lower quality mp3s. Even though the problem was less obvious it was still there.

HOW I SOLVED THIS: I changed the samples into AAC (128). No more looping difficulties.


How to download mp3 files in Firefox (Mac OSX)

For about 2 years I wrongly believed that Firefox had disabled this function.
In fact you can do it like this:

1. Go to the file you want to download (i.e. see the usual Quicktime play bar).

2. Go to Tools menu/ Page info.

3. Click Media.

4. Click Save as. (it is saved as iTunes document but you can change that using apple I).