Repetitive John: ‘Cassettes’

I played cassettes to people in a drunken room

I played cassettes to vomiting rebels who clattered about like skeletons back from the underworld

I played cassettes to people with a love for all the poisons, howling, necking and licking and spitting on the floor

I played cassettes to medicine women and medicine men, juggling cigarettes and pills and shaking their broken limbs to the joy of the quivering and lonely snake-eyed boys

I’m a chemical woman and I play cassettes by the muddy and mighty river

I played cassettes to stumbling, luvved-up monks who swaggered and swayed in the gentle, early freshening fog

I played cassettes to craggy old buggers with limps and curses hammering crutches four to the floor

I’m a chemical woman and I play cassettes by the muddy and mighty river.



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Trouble with CueZy and looping mp3 samples?


Running CueZy the 9 pad sampler on iPod Touch 5, I experienced delay problems with samples which I had set to loop. Also some samples only partially loaded. The samples I was using were mp3.

At first I thought this might be the out of date processor of the Touch not being able to cope so I tried lower and lower quality mp3s. Even though the problem was less obvious it was still there.

HOW I SOLVED THIS: I changed the samples into AAC (128). No more looping difficulties.

Hole In the Pavement

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