Born 1959. I love to perform live semi-improvised electronic music with my own repetitive recitations. I have been a modern jive dancer for 20 years. Singing and dancing keep me fit and sane. My approach to dancing informs my approach to my live music performances. I cut and paste different dance moves in a spontaneous way and I do the same with my music (with the indispensable assistance of the Roland SPD SX sample device).

I love Ginsberg, Patti Smith, Murakami, P.Orridge, Quentin Crisp and Basquiat.

I am a husband and father. The reason I was born was to become my daughter’s father. I was wise enough to notice and appreciate at the time, the slow ecstatic joy my child’s early years were giving me. So too have her later years. I will die happy.

Around 2002 -2005 I wrote, photographed and constructed the website called entrances2hell.co.uk. This was a gentle spoof on the unchecked nature of the early internet. It’s only message at the time being ‘don’t believe what you Google’. This has become a much more serious problem here in 2018.

I work as a care-support worker in a supported housing project in London UK. I work with people of around my own age who have various learning disabilities. This is a rewarding job in terms of the effect you can have on other, vulnerable humans but it is extremely frustrating because in taking on the job you are essentially saying yes to being inadequate as the care-system in our greedy country is underfunded and understaffed. Please remember when you next condemn a social worker for the things that will inevitably go wrong that it is the system which is woefully incapable of the required task.

Love to you all, John 2018

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