12″ vinyl single by Repetitive John

x AFTER Tadaa 1In May 2019 create and release a 12″ vinyl cultural artefact in the shape of ‘We Can See Thru Your Vile Propaganda’ by Repetitive John.

Make it be an electronic protest march approx. 8 minutes long.

Involve the chanting and other vocal talents of persons in your current orbit whose names are: Simon Yorkshire, Iain Cameron, Ian Grimbeeper Deex, Cash Aspeek, Theresa Bottomley, Mark Dyball, Heather Johns and Ruth Paton.

Enjoy the recording process so much you never want it to end.

Spend ages joyfully auditioning and editing over a thousand vocal snippets.

Give the track a dynamic that begins in a whisper then builds to a shout before moving off into a melancholy and lonely universe before a final return to its reaffirmed central mantra.

Be thinking all the while of Can, Burial, DAF, Patti Smith, Ginsberg, TG, Parliament, Funkadelic.

Be thinking of the chanting through the wall in Rosemary’s Baby.

Make the cover be a black and white drawing in the grand tradition of the 2 singles you did at the start of the 80s. Be pushed by collecting and then gluing into your project book, dozens of inspirational photos from IG.


Insist that the tracks purpose is to restore a communal positivity to the post-belief era, remaining secretly aware that it is also an egocentric exercise which has been simmering in you for thirty years.

Make the central 1-line poem be intentionally empty. Hope that it is seen as a tool which could be used for good or for evil.

Tell anyone who asks that the answer is blowin’ in the wind.

Hope that one day you will see on the telly, 2 opposing protest marches facing one another across Tiananmen Square chanting ‘We Can See Thru Your Vile Propaganda!!” at each other.

Get it mastered by the fabulous Dominic Clare at Declared Sound mainly because he is in Leeds and really talks a great website. Enjoy his brilliant, cheerful and information filled emails. Be thrilled by the finished result.

Understand that in doing this you will lose money but do it anyway.

Think of it as a meditative mnemonic for Sound-Work collectors.

This is DIY.

Stay firm by remembering your friend Andrew K’s advice that all an artist does is disseminate, disseminate, disseminate.

Make a photo of yourself for the website opener which is modelled on the scene in 2001 where Moonwatcher the man-ape is smashing up the bones.


Make it streamable on all the outlets but don’t fall for the bollox. They got your 49 dollars, and that’s enough cos they’re only ever going to give you back one cent every 2 years.

Make the vinyl available to purchase on bandcamp and from the kind people at Sister Midnight Record store in Deptford.

Post every copy out personally, sometimes including a secret felt-pen drawing done quickly and with grateful love.

Make a sexy photo set for the bandcamp page which features your wifes fabulous legs as an enticement to purchase.

Send a few copies out to a couple of radio stations but know that it isn’t 79 anymore.

Send one copy in a card mailer addressed to ‘The Spirit of John Peel, Wherever That May Be, London or Norfolk, 1978’.




2 Comments on “12″ vinyl single by Repetitive John”

  1. mark says:

    you should certainly do this mrirvine.

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