To a Toshiba

Bye Toshiba! You were long my friend
Plus twenty years you’ve shone no part to mend

From Surrey Quays I brought you home with Sue
Saw N Y P D Blue pour out of you

Cath from Richmond also shared your glow
Then you and Stace and I watched baby grow

It’s Stace who was your second biggest fan
You soothed her off to sleep legs cross her man

And when the signals changed we loved you still
Your freeview wife delayed the digi-chill

What do I gain to lose your cathode rays?
Will your warmth live in sharp and bright displays?

(I like the fuller figure anyways)

It may be that your next friends love you too
They cannot have the years you took me through

P.S. I’m sorry I threw your remote at the wall that time.



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