Get a good picture on your HDTV

This weekend I have grasped 2 new ideas which are:

1 HDTVs are set up to look striking in the showroom rather than watchable in the home.

2 Brightness, Contrast and Colour are all you really need….almost.

To get your attention in the showroom the TV sellers make the picture far too bright.

They have the colour much too high.

They have the blacks too deep.

They turn up the new-fangled sharpness controls beyond all reality.


1 Start by setting all the “extra” controls to have no effect.
(by “extra” I mean gimmicky stuff like: Backlight, Crispness, Sharpness etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.)

2 Using only Brightness, Contrast and Colour set a picture which is in fact slightly dull but nice enough. (I set Brite 57, Cont 90, Col 52).

3. Then you only need to subtly add any of the “extra” settings to your taste. (tiny bit of backlight, little bit of sharpness, an atom of flesh tone).

This works well. Something to remember is that a lot of stuff on TV isn’t shot to look that great anyway. You see the best results on movies and good quality stuff like The Bridge etc. because these are finished to higher standards.


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