Breathing moments

To make it possible to sing any long phrases you need to have taken a breath.

I suggest learning the breaths as well as learning the notes and rhythm and vol etc.

I mean make the breaths-in eventually become auto.

Write out the words and draw a small turquoise cloud (for instance) after the word before the breath. It is not so helpful to put the clouds before the phrase for which you have breathed them. They are much better as ends to a phrase.

When they have become auto you can think about something else. Drinking-in vowels perhaps.

Singing a piece becomes much easier after this stage in learning a piece. This is like when you breath in time while doing bends. You can go much longer.


ALSO: Good idea.

ALSO: Make those breaths gentle.

ALSO: Very confusingly written.

ALSO: Do not write a blog anymore.


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