Do not fire your breath out

I really don’t want the hassle of writing a blog, so here we go…

In singing, for each phrase you kind of need to slow down the breath going out.

Make it a gentle flow of air. Don’t push it out, instead resist it’s getting out.

Think about a weighted keyboard sort of approach. I mean the thing where the keyboard makes you play soft unless you really hit it.

This is different to volume. I haven’t understood that bit yet but I think you make the power with other muscles and not by blasting more air out.

At the choir, in warm-up, we do a putting-the-tongue-up-blocking thing which I believe is a way of experiencing the correct pushing. It’s when you sing “nnnnng” like a marauding mummy in a horror film.

It’s also a bit like the thing you do for that tibetan chanting (possibly).

I have seen this described as “drinking-in the sound”.


ALSO: This may not apply to all types of singing.

ALSO: It will probably need to become auto because you will have other thoughts going on.

ALSO: It might help to think of this as saving the breath, making it last.

ALSO: Explain this a little more clearly next time.


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