Brain 3, the auto brain

I think I am getting it correct when I say we have a third tiny brain at the back.

This brain looks after automatic stuff. Science fact. AND you can program it.

If you learned to drive or swim then you already did some programming.

What you did was repeat certain movements lots of times until eventually you didn’t have to think about what you were doing. Your third brain now drives the car while you think about nothing.

The technique is repetition.

You can learn to dance or play volleyball etc. by repeating actions until you are sick to death of them.

This sick-to-death feeling is a good moment because it means your repetitions are now going in to Brain 3. And it will not be long before you take those actions for granted in the same way that you feel about breathing and walking.


ALSO: Maybe Brain 3 is not me. Like a passenger in your head who works for you.

ALSO: Brain 3 can look after poems and melodies.

ALSO: What if this is nonsense? Doesn’t matter. It is true in my house.

ALSO: Try to make your point clearly.


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