You boy! Get away from my sports car!

I really don’t want to write a blog, so here we go…

I am thinking about the projection thing for singing. That it is a letting go. That it is about communicating to a person in a real way.

i.e. it is not that you pretend to be singing to a person over there, it is more that you choose a person and you ‘be sending’ to her or him.

It is the open-voice of a rich MP declaiming to a group of naughty young rascals. Hear him: “You Boy! Get away from my sports car!”

He wants them to hear him. He is not letting his voice hold back his communication.

This is like being the person who is able and willing to be the one who will say something out loud on a crowded train when it needs to be said. Speaking up.

It means seriousness about that communication. Not ironic.


ALSO: This is a state-of-mind thing rather than a technical thing. The technical things must become auto. This though is attitude so perhaps you can use it consciously while singing.

ALSO: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haa.

ALSO: You can see that you can not do this in the street for instance. You might only feel permission to do it in rehearsing and in performance.

ALSO: You might describe this better.


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