I was thinking you could have a self-esteem-ometer. A wrist-gauge which displays where you are on a scale from depressed to happy.

Because self-esteem drains slowly away like petrol in a petrol car it made sense to monitor your current level so you can do something about it.

The best thing I ever found out was that you CAN manage your self-esteem. Why do we not tell people?

The process became – realising you are running low and then doing something which you know fills your tank again.

For me, this means doing something which made me afraid. I don’t mean physical danger (although that obviously works for people). The best method for me has been performing shouty-poems in front of a drunken audience. This always works.

Also assisting people to make something (music, comedy, websites) makes me walk around the house rubbing my hands together. I don’t know why. I’m not very afraid of this one though.


ALSO: Parenthood is good for this too.

ALSO: I think you could view self-esteem as actually being happiness.

ALSO: This might all be cobblers though.

ALSO: Please explain this better next time.


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