Breathing for singing = Relaxation

I really don’t want to write a blog, so here we go….

Alistair at the choir said, about the breath-in, that it can be seen as a moment of relaxation or refreshment.

That it is a moment when you go back to zero and relax for the next phrase.

Right now I think that the technique for making this moment is the gentle pushing out of the diapragm muscle at the top of the belly.

The whole stomach should relax I think but I guess it should not be an intense thing. Rather try to make it be just about the soft bit just below the ribs and in the middle.

Stick a finger in there to feel the action. Not too hard you numbskull.

The lungs seem to fill on their own. You then need to let the breath out slowly by using your diaphragm. By “drinking-in the sound”.

And it is a good thing to reach that section at the end where you feel you are about to run out. The bit where you start to push out beyond where you would in normal breathing. This is a useable and useful part of the phrase. Amazingly this is where you can invoke the Powerball. To make a ramp.

You then come back to the microsecond of relaxation. The return to zero.


ALSO: All these elements of singing are things which need to become auto and this can only happen with repetition like in dancing. So no hurry.

ALSO: You can think of this as quickly pushing the stomach out of the way. Not violently.

ALSO: You can probably explain this more clearly.

ALSO: I don’t like blogging. I will erase it all.


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