Anger = Stress

I don’t really want to write a public blog, so here goes…

I read that thing in the magazine Doreen gave me which said that Freud was wrong about unleashing anger by doing something aggressive to a cushion or whatever. They said that this only made you less happy.

So I am thinking that maybe you could view stress as actually being the bad thing you are experiencing. That anger (for instance) actually is stress.

Instead of worrying about a vague intangible event called stress which might cause future trouble or which is making you feel inexplicably depressed you could view the current bout of anger (or whatever emotion) as actually being the stress.

Then the approach can be to try to not be angry here and now. This would give you something to focus on and give you a reason to focus on it.

You would be choosing not to be angry because anger is stress and too much stress is bad (maybe).

When you discover that the ironing board is not accessible because too many plastic bags have been stored in front of it, you might think “Ah yes, anger is stress”.

There is not much chance of me succeeding at doing that but I’ll give it a try.


ALSO: This means that stress could be seen as the generic for lots of different emotions. Stress is the heading, the emotions are what it consists of.

ALSO: I haven’t described what I mean here very well.

ALSO: This could be a big mistake. You might become insane through unexpressed anger, grief, frustration etc and end up religious.

ALSO: I don’t think I like blog-writing because I want this stuff to be private. Goodbye everyone. I told you not to read this, I can’t believe you.


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